In the sixth grade, I was introduced to Story Time. My classmates and I sat or lay on the floor as the teacher read through a book of her choosing. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle was my initiation into storytelling and fantasy. Intrigued by the wondrous fancies of the narrative my mind concocted images, painted landscapes, and created a mind-blowing arena from which I have been unwilling to return.

Though driven by the writing of fantasy novels, my genres include dystopian, realistic fiction, speculative fiction, contemporary Christian, and modern fantasy and realistic fiction for younger readers. 

Arrested for hacking, socially awkward and

speech-impaired sixteen-year-old Dakarai Holt is sentenced to two years at Sheffield Academy, an exclusive juvenile rehabilitation facility. Within the first two hours, Dak is subjected to mandatory brainwashing.

The academy’s enforcers, the R.A.T. SQUADS, patrol Sheffield to ensure each students full compliance. Gacheru, Dak’s roommate, pressures him to drink a tonic that conspicuously counteracts Sheffield’s indoctrination. This places Dak in the middle of many adversarial and explosive situations.

Additionally, Dak becomes knotted in a clandestine plot involving the Secretary of State, and a mysterious group who goes by the name, The Coterie. While at Sheffield, Dak must find a way to survive the R.A.T. SQUADS’ terror, the annexation of a remote island, and battle his own inner demons





 ​​​​​From the first page Richard McClain’s novel The Coterie Declaration the reader is thrust into Dakarai’s high anxiety speechless world. Dakarai’s complicated reality over flows with suspense, action, and danger. The entire novel moves at a thrilling neck breaking speed. When Dakarai’s magnanimous actions plunge him into a plea deal where he quickly finds out he is going to lose more than his freedom. Dakarai is a complex character that is fighting to not only survive the Sheffield Academy but also his every present anxiety. Sheffield Academy is a place where the rules on paper are not the rules that are followed. As the reader is drawn further and further into Dakarai’s world the characters that surround him become more shady and much more corrupt. While Dakarai does not speak with words McClain does a great job of creating intense scenes that allow Dakarai’s actions to speak for him. Allowing the reader to explore Dakarai’s thoughts also gives the reader get a deeper understanding of the mute teenager. Even when The Coterie Declaration ends the reader know it’s not over.

In a world where imagination whispered, a Storyteller listened... 


​​​Coming This Fall/Winter

My Last Breath - The Space Between the Lines

Singed Dreams - The Quintessential Dancer

Terror in Heaven

            The Complete Version

Perfect Imperfection - The Lost Songs

Longing for the love of his money-loving father, sixteen-year-old Jason Drayper embarks upon a crooked plan that will make him a billionaire. His plan backfires. Jason is arrested and forced to stand trial for the murder of a man and woman and the fraudulent method with which he deceived the American people.

Other than writing, the passions in my life can be seen through music, public speaking, my faith, and encouraging young adults with a dream. Join me at my blog to find encouragement as you pursue that uncompromising and impassioned dream.

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